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Bravo Mr. Sanford!

Today I had the pleasure of watching the documentary John Kennedy Toole: The Omega Point with my good friend and author Joel Fletcher. I am in the film so I may be inherently biased. But regardless of my contributions, it is a brilliant work of documentary craftsmanship. As a biographer, I can attest to its remarkable balance between compelling storytelling and historical accuracy. And the images are simply beautiful.

Of course, you don’t have to take my word for it. It recently won The Rising Star Award for Excellence in Film at the 2010 Canada International Film Festival.

The Athenaeum in Fredericksburg, VA will host a screening of the film on April 17, 2010. Following the screening there will be a panel with Joe Sanford (Filmmaker), Joel Fletcher (friend of JKT and author of Ken & Thelma) and me.

I look forward to the day you all will be able to select this film in your Netflix queue. Until then, you can keep an eye on the progress of the film at

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